Homelessness in the UK: The Big Challanges, and the Signs of
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Homelessness in the UK: The Big Challanges​,​ and the Signs of

Health, Wellness & EducationHosted by Lucy J

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About this Virtual Experience

More than 10,000 people sleep rough each year on the streets of London alone.

In this 60-minute educational session, an expert will talk you through the reasons that so many people end up homeless, and the hardships people experience when they find themselves on the streets for the first time. You'll learn about the challenges faced by government and local authorities in tackling the systemic issue of homelessness, and hear about what you can do as an individual to help those sleeping rough.

This informative talk will unify your team around a subject that affects thousands of lives every year, and stimulate discussion around one of Britain's most debated topics.

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