6 Nations Virtual Scrum
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6 Nations Virtual Scrum

Corporate Team BuildingHosted by Lucy J

Recommended Audience

From 30 to 1000 people


2 hours and 0 minutes

Lead Time

1 week

About this Virtual Experience

Recreate the hospitality experience of the 6 Nations for up to 1,000 guests. The perfect way to watch the match with friends, colleagues, and clients. 2

With Twickenham, Murrayfield, and the Principality stranded in a firmly offside position this year, the prospect of catching up with friends, colleagues, and clients and enjoying a couple of beers at a 6 Nations match this spring seems as distant as Itally completing a Grand Slam.

To help fill this gap, the 6 Nations Virtual Scrum offers the best way to bring people together for the tournament.

For each map, you will arrive at a clickable stadium map where you can choose to watch the match with up to 5 other guests in a private box, to join up to 300 people in the virtual pub, or to skip the match entirely and spend the time talking to other guests over a beer in the virtual sin bin.

Virtual Private Boxes of 6

As guests enter the hospitality area they will see a number of virtual boxes, each with 6 seats, that they can click to join. It shows them who is in which box, and which seats are empty.

Once inside a box, the 6 seats are connected by an online video call so that they can chat while they enjoy the match.

Virtual Pub

The Virtual Pub takes the form of a Zoom call which is live streaming the match and is hosted by a former international rugby player who will appear side by side with the action.

Just like a pub, it's harder to have a quiet conversation when there are 50 people in the room and the match is in full swing, but the atmosphere is real and swells as the home team surges towards to try line.

Sin Bin

Depending on the size of your event, you will be given a number of unhosted sin bins. These are unsupervised Zoom rooms which people can dip in and out of and have a chat away from the action. Think of them as the bar, and expect to see the same characters there 10 minutes into the second half.

Note: For licencing reasons, all guests must be UK based.

Package Includes

  • Unlimited Virtual Private Boxes of 6 to watch the match Live Stream on while catching up over a beer
  • Virtual Pub showing the live stream with 300 person capacity and the atmosphere to match, hosted by a former international player
  • Unhosted virtual "Sin Bins" to informally chat with other guests
  • Customise the Virtual Pub with a name and image of your choice

Package Options

  • Customise the Virtual Pub with a name and image of your choice
  • Pick which 6 Nations country your former international player was capped by
  • Drinks packages available starting from £12 per person

Detailed Pricing

Flat fee of £600.00 plus £36.00 per person

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